Monday, January 4, 2010

Cool Mom Picks highlights CHIARAKRUZA

Chiara Kruza Maternity: One Shirt Flatters All

With my first two kids, I collected a pile of mediocre maternity clothes, not one of which I could wear from start to finish. Even my favorite pieces had to be retired after a couple of months - or when I hit the "sausage stuffed in casing" look. Now with the third on the way, I'm going to be smarter about my purchases.

Enter Chiara Kruza, a designer (and mom) who has made me excited to get dressed every morning. Her simple, super comfortable pieces will not only take you from trimester to trimester and beyond, but they'll make you feel like a million bucks in the process. I'm crushing hard on the Nuria Top (pictured) which is probably the most all-flattering maternity shirt I've ever seen. Pair it with her Morgan maternity skirt (love basic black) which will convert even non-skirt wearers instantly.

Truth be told, I will be sorely disappointed to retire these clothes after the baby arrives. That's definitely saying something. -Kristen

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  1. Thank God for Chiarakruza which got me through 4 pregnancies with comfort & style! Simple genius fit!